Rockwell Härteprüfmaschine

Rockwell Härteprüfmaschine

The Rockwell Härteprüfmaschine works through application of preliminary force and then adding the main load to get the actual test load before returning to the preliminary test force while assessing the hardness of materials. It is easy to use the Rockwell hardness tester for the hardness test, unlike because the required calculations don’t depend on the size of the indenter. Hence, the indenter can use for a variety of materials irrespective of their hardness. The machine applies the basic principle for measuring the hardness of materials which entails observing the material in question about its hardness abilities. Normally, it is done by assessing its ability to resists plastic deformation. The test has a wide application for all sorts of metals.

Rockwell Härteprüfmaschine

The hardness tester’s shaper can provide similar impressions that don’t depend on the size. The impressions need to have identified the point where measurement takes place. The indenter should have high resistance to deformation. Diamond designed with a square base fulfils these conditions.

Why Is the Hardness Test Important?

The values you get during the test don’t rely on the force. Thus, you will always get the same results no matter the force you use for the same material. The hardness tests for materials are important since they make it possible to do the evaluation for materials and establish quality controls during manufacturing processes. Even though hardness is related to tensile strength for most metals, it also indicates the extent to which a given material is ductile and resistant. Thus, the hardness test is essential in helping to test material used to make components in the automotive industry.

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